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I’m a mobile app and full stack web developer. I love software, and have been building it ever since I was 15 years old. I am also passionate about technology, design, and entrepreneurship, interested in every nuance of innovation and productivity. Trying to learn something new every day.

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Sociallix: Social Media Manager

Social media manager to help you #Boost your social media. Publish, engage, analyze and grow across your social networks, all in one place!

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Tutorial For Rubik's Cube

Learn the fastest and easiest method to solve the Rubik's Cube. Available in 16 languages for Android & iOS.

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Noar Israel

A mobile app for the Israeli youth, enabling them to communicate with each other, ask and answer questions, find jobs and get great deals.

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An Intelligent Virtual Assistant that can do many things. From simple requests like opening apps and playing songs, to answer questions about the world. Try ask him some personal questions like how old is he and who built him, with a good sense of humor, he will have an answer to almost any question.

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3D Game

Car War

A fun little 3D game of 2 cars racing and fighting each other. Made for Windows, built with Unity.

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2D Game


The classic Microsoft Minesweeper game from the 90s, available in 2 different languages for Android.

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A mobile app, designed to help deaf people, by transcribing voice messages into visible text.

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